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Generation to Generation: Towards Inter-Generational Partnership for the Gospel

We would like to warmly invite you to a new and unique gathering for those who are serving in ethnic immigrant churches in North America. We will be meeting at Open Door Presbyterian Church, a Korean American church that has been developing a healthy and fruitful intergenerational partnership between the first- and second-generation congregations, to hear their journey stories and to discuss how immigrant churches should envision their future directions. Come and join us for this rich time of worship, fellowship, learning and visioning.


Detailed Time Table

09:00 Morning worship (Dr. Peter Cha) (9:00-9:30) Morning worship (TBD) (9:00-9:30)
Session 3 A Case Study of Open Door Church (pt. 2) "Two Households" (p. Paul Kim & p. John Cha) (9:30-10:30) Session 5 “Diaspora Churches and Global Missions” (Dr. Tite Tienou) (9:30-10:30)
10:00 Check in and Registration
Break (10:30-10:45) Break/Survey (10:30-11:00)
11:00 Session 4 A Case Study of Open Door Church (pt.3) "One Family" (p. Paul Kim & p. John Cha) (10:45-12:00) Closing service & Communion (Dr. Peter Cha) (11:00-12:00)
12:00 Lunch (12:00-13:30) Lunch (12:00-13:30) Lunch (12:00-13:30)
Welcome, Opening worship & Orientation (p. Paul Kim & p. John Cha) (13:30-14:30) Affinity groups (13:30-14:30)
14:00 Free optional DC tour & dinner (14:00-20:00)
Break (14:30-14:45) Session 1 “Future of Diaspora Churches” (Dr. Peter Cha) (14:45-16:00 Break (14:30-14:45)
15:00 Topical Seminars (p. Paul Kim, p. John Cha, Dr. Tite Tienou, Dr. Peter Cha, p. Jay Catanus) (14:45-16:00)
16:00 Break (16:00-16:15) Optional church tour or personal time (16:00-18:00
Session 2 A Case Study of Open Door Church (pt. 1) "One Vision" (p. Paul Kim & p. John Cha) (16:15-18:00
18:00 Dinner (18:00-20:00) Dinner (18:00-20:00)
20:00 Evening worship (p. Jay Catanus) (20:00-21:15) Sermon title: “Love Like This” Evening worship (p. MinHo Song) (20:00-21:15) Sermon title: “Diaspora and Missional Church”

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