To be an open door to a life-changing grace.

ODPC has been witnessing Jesus Christ and serving local communities as a channel of God's grace since 1984.

Welcome We are ODPC

We are Open Door Presbyterian Church located in Herndon, Virginia.

Our door is always open to those who seek God's grace.

Paul Kim Senior Pastor @ ODPC

Welcome to ODPC

Over the past 30 years, God has poured His grace upon Open Door Presbyterian Church. Grace is when despite our unworthiness, God loves us richly and calls us to serve Him. However, history teaches us that when a church begins to forget God's grace in its life, it becomes prideful, and it loses its distinct holy calling as the people of God. As Open Door Presbyterian Church embarks into its next 30 years, we dedicate ourselves to remember God's grace over the past 30 years. We want His grace to ring throughout the hearts of all our congregations. When we live indebted to and tranformed by His grace, then Open Door Presbyterian Church will continue to be a church where God's grace is encountered, exchanged, and extended.

Our desire is to create a setting and experience where people can learn the good news that God has opened the “door to life-changing grace” - Jesus Christ. We want this learning to be both “taught” in our preaching, sharing, and communication and “caught” in our hospitality and welcome as we practice the ethos of the gospel.

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Meeting Services & Meetings

Mainly Korean Speaking meetings are listed. For more info please visit


Sunday Service
* Kr = Korean Speaking
Service Time Location
Adult Service 9:20am Worship Center
Adult Service 11:20am Worship Center
Adult Kr 7:45am Main Building
Adult Kr 9:20am Main Building
Adult Kr 11:20am Main Building
Young Adult Kr 1:45pm Main Building
Infants 9:20am, 11:20am Infants room
Kindergarteners Kr 9:20am, 11:20am Kr K room
Kindergarteners 9:20am, 11:20am Worship Center
1st-3rd 9:20am, 11:20am --
4th-6th 9:20am, 11:20am Elementary
Youth Group 9:20am, 11:20am SMC
Klema (special) 9:20am, 11:20am Klema room
Seniors Kr 11:20am Caleb Room


Service Time Location
Early Morning Kr Tue-Fri 5:30am Main Building 2nd Sanc
Early Morning Kr Sat 6:30am Main Building
Friday Prayer Kr Fri 8:00pm Main Building
Mission Prayer Kr Tue 10am(except 2nd of month) __
Ezer Kr Wed 10am&7:30pm Main Building 2nd
Pater Kr Thu 7:30pm Mark room
Recovery Kr Thu 8pm __
AWANA Fri 7:50pm __
Youth Friday Fri 8pm SMC


Name Time Location
Discipleship Training Kr Wed 8pm --
Korean School Sat 9:20am Main Buliding
ESOL Tue,Thu 7pm SMC
Friends Of Faith First Sat 9am Main Building
평생교육 각 모임에 따라 주중 각 모임 Room

I'm_NewFirst time!

Here are some info for your first visit.


If you are visiting us for the first time, turn hazard light(blinking light) on when you drive into our campus, and our welcoming committee member will guide you through Sunday services.

Worship Center

From the main entrance, left building is called Worship Center for the English speaking congregation. Right side is called Main Building mainly used for the Korean speaking congregation.


Korean Adult services provide simultaneous English translations with an app or a radio which can be picked up at the welcome desk.

Contact Us

You can always contact us through our web submission form.

Direction Get to ODPC

ODPC is located near Washington DC, USA

3001 Centreville Rd, Herndon VA 20171
Korean Speaking congregation gathering building
Worship Center
2999 Centreville Rd, Herndon VA 20171
English Speaking congregation gathering building

Dulles Internationa Airport(IAD) is the closest airport around ODPC with only 15 minute driving.

Others are Ronald Reagan Airport(DCA) located in Washington DC about an hour from ODPC and BWI near Baltimore about 90 minutes.


During a afternoon rush hour, Route 66 requires toll fee between DC to 495 Beltway.

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If you are driving from

a. 495 beltway, take 66 West highway and take 50 West exit. Drive about 15 minutes and turn right on Centreville Rd. Church will be on your right after 2 miles.

b. Dulles, take Route 28 South coming out of the airport, and take McLearen exit after 3 miles. Church will be on your left at the Centreville Rd.

We have a bus coming near our campus. (Weekdays Only)
Take metro(subway) to Wiehle-Reston station in Silver Line.

Walk out towards south side and take "Fairfax Connector" bus named 929 Centreville Rd

Church is located after West Ox Rd.

Korean Speaking Congregation KC Pastors

Paul Kim
703-318-8970 (Ext.100)
[email protected]
Byong Won Kim

[email protected]
Joseph Kim
행정 / NExT, 3부 GC 3-1 A
703-318-8970 (Ext.103)
[email protected]
Kyu Seok Jang
선교, 2부 GC 2-4 D
[email protected]
Jason Pak
NExT, 3부 GC 3-6 영커플
703-318-8970 (Ext.115)
[email protected]
Doo Ho Lee
클레마/전교인양육 GC 2-1 A
703-318-8970 (Ext.130)
[email protected]
Sean Kim
찬양 / NExT
703-318-8970 (Ext.131)
[email protected]
Young D. Seo
새교우, 1부 GC 1-1 A&D
703-318-8970 (Ext. 107)
[email protected]
James Rhee
파테르, 3부 GC 3-3 C, 3-5 영어권
703-318-8970 ext 110
[email protected]
Yongsung Shin
NExT, 2부 GC 2-3 C
703-318-8970 (Ext. 104)
[email protected]
Jihoon Park
중보기도&에제르, 1부 GC1-2, 2부 GC2-2
703-318-8970 (Ext. 106)
[email protected]
JinYeol Lee
할렐루야 찬양대/예배, GC 3-2 B
703-318-8970 (Ext. 105)
[email protected]
TaeWoun Jung
AWANA, 교육부 총괄, 3부 GC 3-4 D
703-318-8970 (Ext. 109)
[email protected]
John Cha
영어권 담임목사
703-318-8972 (Ext.134)
[email protected]
David Chang
Smal grp & Life stages Pastor
703-318-8972 (Ext.135)
[email protected]

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You can reach us through our web contact form.